How to Fix Common Problems Related to

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle fire users face various problems with their device, these are mostly common problems like, crashing, random noises, no call functionality, freezing, can’t make or receive calls, touch screen problems, sync errors or no audio and other software related issues. Repair is a tedious process but a person can easily troubleshoot the above given problems. Also, you can contact to kindle customer service number to get suggestions about your issues. Moreover, we are here to tell you that you can you solve these problems:

1- Soft Reset

Performing a soft reset can resolve your various issues. This process will not erase your data, but still you should keep a backup. Follow the steps given below to perform this:

1. Go to Settings. Open settings menu and go to Restart option. 

2. Now, tap Alt-Shift- Up Arrow

3. Press and hold the Power Button for 20 Seconds, and release it.

2- Hard Reset

If your problems are not resolved by soft reset then Hard reset id the only option. But keep in mind that this task will erase all your data. To perform a hard reset:

1. Remove the back cover.

2. There is a tiny hole between the battery and SD card holder.

3. Find something like paper clip that can fit into this hole.

4. Now, by inserting that paper clip into the hold press for 10 seconds.

5. Your device will restart after it.

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